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206 East Morris Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Ph: (480) 303-1133
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Please call the 24/7 operator at 480.303.1133 with your chief complaint, best email, and contact numbers. Medical offices may send referrals via fax but please include patients' email as much as possible. Email facilitates scheduling and other important communications now.

Practice Scope

Including, but not limited to:

  • Hearing
  • Deafness
  • Tinnitus
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Misophonia
  • Discomfort in ears
  • Ear fullness
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Imbalance
  • Difficulty walking
  • Falls
  • Nystagmus
    (eye movement abnormalities)
  • Tremor
  • Incoordination
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Ill effects of chronic stress
  • Chemotherapy decline (chemobrain,
    brain fog)
  • Mood disturbances
  • Mild traumatic brain injury / post-concussion syndrome / symptoms (headache, dizziness, difficulties with memory, personality and sleep, sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, tinnitus / hearing loss, blurred vision, other)

Medical Resources

This page is work in progress and is intended to assist readers in their search for a fellowship-trained medical or surgical ear specialist closest to their place of residence. Their respective informative websites with contact information will be included for your leisurely review at the touch of a button. Naturally, I cannot be responsible for their bedside manner or their medical or surgical outcomes, so I simply share this information in good faith in an attempt to educate prospective patients about the presence of the fields of oto-neurology (medical) and otology / neurotology (surgical) and some of the experienced and recognized physicians and surgeons specializing in these fields around the country. Just because a particular doctor is not included in this list does not mean to suggest that that physician is not skilled to help you. Wishing you health and wellness and an overall positive experience with your ear or brain doctors always. - M. J. A. Robb, M.D.

House Ear Clinic: Los Angeles, California
Robert K. Jackler, MD & Nikolas H. Blevins, MD: Stanford, California
Jeffrey P. Harris, MD: San Diego, California
Robert Dobie, MD: Sacramento, California
Hilary Brodie, MD, PhD: Sacramento, California
F. Owen Black, MD: Portland, Oregon
John M. Epley, MD: Portland, Oregon
Jay T. Rubinstein, MD, PhD: Seattle, Washington
Larry G. Duckert, MD, PhD: Seattle, Washington
C. Phillip Daspit, MD & Peter A. Weisskopf, MD: Phoenix, Arizona
Clough Shelton, MD: Salt Lake City, Utah
Samuel C. Levine, MD: Minneapolis, Minnesota
J. Gail Neely, MD: St. Louis, Missouri
Richard A. Chole, MD, PhD: St. Louis, Missouri
Jay F. Piccirillo, MD: St. Louis, Missouri
Joel A. Goebel, MD: St. Louis, Missouri
Timothy E. Hullar, MD: St. Louis, Missouri
Hough Ear Institute: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bobby R. Alford, MD: Houston, Texas
Jeffrey T. Vrabec, MD: Houston, Texas
Bruce J. Gantz, MD: Iowa City, Iowa
Joseph B. Nadol, Jr., MD: Boston, Massachusetts
Michael J. McKenna, MD: Boston, Massachusetts
Kenneth M. Grundfast, MD: Boston, Massachusetts
Anil K. Lalwani, MD: New York, New York
John K. Niparko, MD: Baltimore, Maryland
Lloyd B. Minor, MD: Baltimore, Maryland
Robert T. Sataloff, MD: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Ear Associates: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Barry E. Hirsch, MD: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth H. Toh, MD: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ear Institute of Chicago: Chicago, Illinois
Richard T. Miyamoto, MD: Indianapolis, Indiana
The Lippy Group: Warren, Ohio
Myles Pensak, MD: Cincinnati, Ohio
Michigan Ear Institute: Farmington Hills, Michigan
Michael D. Seidman, MD: West Bloomfield & Detroit, Michigan
Vanderbilt Otology Group: Nashville, Tennessee
Harold C. Pillsbury, MD: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Douglas E. Mattox, MD: Atlanta, Georgia
Silverstein Institute: Sarasota and Venice, Florida


To keep alive the practice of private medicine, to strive for excellence in teaching and clinical research, and to preserve the sanctity of the patient-doctor relationship through old-fashioned, country-doctor values combined with modern oto-neurological subspecialty expertise.